What is your proof of self-existence on the net?

People might wonder, even some will labelled me as unwise or crazy or even stupid person for making a blog ads-less (such time wasting activity). I do mention to those around me (back then in 2006) the first day www.madnilk.com were up and running – Am going to be a Pro Blogger and the only way I’ll make money are by sharing my own services or products (that genuinely give benefits to everyone). A name that am proud to share – such cases as what happen to Virgin Group.

That name represent me online as long as the internet are here to serve it purposes. This is the backup to show people about my existence ( a proof that I can show that am not wasting time surfing for nothing) when they ask me – how you can show or express your existence online with humongous time spend all day long throughout entire life.

Trust me! I’ve gain many knowledge (by ALLAH’s will) in term of doing it on my own for every purposes that you can think off – online. Not to mention many great friendship’s bond created along the road. The more you do things on your own, makes you appreciate what other serves – free or paid. This ethic alone have give me awesome chance to involve with 6 different industry/segment since the very first day I venture into online sphere. Times is not a factor what differentiate our success – it is more into results of generous income while achieving satisfaction on what we do.

Am not trying to put/left impression toward others – its their to decide. Am just aiming to do what I want and like that give self-satisfaction while praying that people will get benefits from it.

We can gain money with knowledge and become millionaire, but old brick and mortar millionaire can’t buy knowledge even if they want it. So, do share me; your proof of existence online – so that we can be friends rather than being a virtual contact without any feeling or pure knowledge exchange. Heck, this going to be in my blog later on today. God bless everyone who read this. Aamiin

p/s: Am planning to do a personal business directory.