Two word with insignificant use, which in fact, it is different. When seeing things via our keyboard it might change based on what we try to seek.

Search is an action where we knows thing and want to find more information about it. We’ll seek many known source until the end result are found – sound and solid.

Discovery is what happened when us encounter something we didn’t even knew that, we were looking for. Just name it – ideas, formulas and many more. Its the ultimate word for people who seek information and were blessed with luck. It might start with a simple search!

Life are full of surprise either by searching or seeing new discovery.

Don’t get me wrong – what I am trying to say is not about this two word individually. Its the lesson behind the action and the reaction afterwards.  An action seeking information is a deed of striving for the truth of everything, which might end up discovering things worth sharing.

We have so many things to know and so many things to understand – people might say, go find a teacher and you will learn. Learn to differentiate what matters most in life about searching and discovering things that will make a change – in our’s or other’s.

From my opinion internet will suite your purpose of searching and discovering, then later on find a teacher to explain it based on their knowledge and experience from years of studying in their expertise.

What really matter in this post is seek knowledge with information then differentiate it by comparing wisdoms and opinion of various teacher. After you get the answer and confirm it – start the spark of sharing is caring.

We never know what we search and discover will be useful toward society or even a nation. Our life are our’s but what we do will effect others.