Chronic StressMany would never dare to even thinking out of it – having a chronic stress in today life, a life full of distractions and issues. So, everyone will try to pleased almost everyone they know; so that they will never have to deal any conflict in there future. At their lost, most of them are doing it the wrong way – making a ticking time bomb of pleasing people even it will cost their future and life.

Extreme people’s pleasing can be a leading factors for many major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and all manner of maladies related to chronic inflammation. It also leads to depression, anxiety and a host of psychological issues.

Chronic people pleasing equals chronic stress. Please take note – when living a life full of stress – our physiology are at risk.


1. Social Session. When ever you get along with the crowd, never give out yourself toward their mentality, which is often unhealthy. Overeating and drinking heavily while enjoying the session might cause you losing virtue as a result.

2. Acceptance. People’s Pleasing goes hand in hand with social acceptance – the course of anxiety. We pleased to get approval, which rarely we experienced no matter how many time pleasing others. Why? Its due to other people lack possessing power to give us deep approval that we seek, ultimately.

3. Pleaser Autopilot. When you are on autopilot as people’s pleaser, interestingly the people you are pleasing end up taking you for granted. Ultimately, they will take advantage of you by not reciprocating, leaving you with a feeling of chronic resentment.

4. Support-less. Human nature are blend through support from each other. People’s pleaser, are sadly tend to get less support. They tend to give it all for free, anyway, anyhow  no matter what its value and that makes them not worthy by others – just a reference when needed and a burden to help.

5. Meets never met. Being a people pleaser, we will highly disregard and neglecting our own needs. Taking time for ourself, relaxing, learning and growing as an individual takes a back seat to the demands of others – will far more put you out of this issues.

Over Pleasing is Hazardous.

Let us agree on this term – serving others is noble, while pleasing people at all cost is bad. The  worse thought that people’s pleaser had is being useful to others, so that once they need help – help will be given. This is totally wrong and hazardous!

Make a change – instead of being a people’s pleaser become one that only help when needed. Change it now!