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It’s been awhile since my last post, hello everyone.

This few months I’ve been away from keyboard for blogging purpose – my main interest, such a shame on me. All this time due to many reason which mainly financial basis have taken me far from my personal passion; knowledge and sharing about all of it.

I have been in the blog sphere since 2006 while producing nothing in comparable result by ratio of time investment versus profit return (numerous aspect), have make me wonder – darn, I should start writing back seriously; this time properly and constantly!!!

Design comes later in my life but hey – blogging can be meant for many things and I really wonder do people will follow me back? After being away from blogging keyboard I really missed the old time.

My personal business life are getting stable and calmer around the corner – which makes me think to start all over again on blogging intensely. Guys – need support to walk the path again 🙂