Who doesn’t like to play games? Not only that games are fun, interactive, and social. Furthermore games are great tolls of learning process. Many teacher starting to realize that games really help them in class – effectively. There are no more such things as “playing around in class room term when its actually help improving student marks in exam.

Games new trend in education sector add flair toward student engagement into more tedious purposes that enhance learning capabilities. All this are with surplus element of competition which motivates and energizes students.

There are several games which adore teachers out there – So, I’m going to share some of it and let us enjoy this reading session together.

Memory – Such simplified version of Bingo, it works great with phonics, simple match expressions, for ESL student (think images and words), spelling and states with capitals.

We can create our own version of memory suitable and accordingly with our target focus/student. Once you have your games it will be flow as long as ya’ being a teacher.

Around the world – Some student prefer speed type of games – they prefer things that are easy to play, games that don’t need any hard thinking  sit down while enjoying thing which in the mean time give out knowledge.  This kind of game are mole like act as time filler – Quick game. It work best with a flashcards – their subject derive from many categories – can be anything within the rage of vocab, sight words, spelling ad many more.

We’ll have all the student stand up, in a straight manner of first student in front the rest and go on. We show the flashcard during the game and who ever being the fastest to answer correctly move on. The concept behind it are to be the best in the whole classroom.

Student Creativity – What really best to end every games is something deep to student heart and creativity. Who doesn’t like to be in the lime light? Showcasing one skills, knowledge, or talents? Every living human does – especially students. Push a drive toward student so that they get to shine when games that they create are used in class.

This are something teacher normally do until after the holiday break to revamp students kick start spirits by utilizing possible variety creative games base on their ideas and creativity.

Frankly said, there are many games out there which you can Google out. Crucial part is to create possible games that might spark the creativity toward learning among student until the can create or innovate some into their own version. Enjoy your read and happy sharing 🙂