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Life so beautiful that people might never realize it, yeah that’s what I mean. People are too blind to see the utmost of God creation. We tend to see what ourselves wanna see and dream off. Nothing to bother and think – it’s only in the name of any mean to achieve what we really want. Believe me there are art of freedom within what we choose that God create for us.

The art and freedom come one set which never be apart. Once we cut out the link then everything that we do is meaningless and stray away from our main purpose. The art and freedom of life are relates with human destiny. We are what we choose, yes indeed. But, we must put things that choosing it from what God put on par for us.

We might want to be a anything that our heart desire and this topic will lead toward many direction. So I should begin by briefly indicating where I suppose to take it. Art and freedom of life.

I wanna talk more about art than individual works of life in general – where art as a specific form of human endeavor. In search of intrinsic relationship between art in that human sense and freedom of life. I’m not that great in this kind of things as any level of such scholar – this is what I understand through reading many information plus my own experience. In other words, to approach this topic on a public/common philosophical level and see where that leads us.

I will do this through in terms of three different approaches to the philosophy of art.

We’ll start with analytic aesthetics in comparison of art and the passing time (history/past experience), where art of life might be said about endure. Things that have purposes that occur and only to those who realize can comprehend.  Things that happened should be held step back for a moment and approach on somewhat broader front. Its so called modern theories of abstraction of reality/world which sometimes label as life/human experience. Through this art approach we can know a better freedom. If art is, as some maintain, a source of ‘knowledge’, then it is again ‘reality’ or ‘the world’ that it is said to give us knowledge about on how to gain freedom of life. Everything about choosing the right freedom with past experience.

Next we shall focus on critical theory which emphasize by many source seem no more inclined than their analytic counterparts to think carefully about what they mean by the concept of reality in the context of art. Some might said that art of freedom depend on the analytic counterpart to think carefully the concept of reality. What are our utmost nature as human being? Which emphasize our art of freedom relating our purpose of existence – origin of human nature.

Last, theory of art within freedom of life is something interesting to know for everyone else, which another alternative thinking toward better life. A story about of both revolutionary and extreme enlighten concept. Much defer from both analytic aesthetics or critical theory, this theory of art recognize within the world in which we live not some define collective reality. Life in term of art respond with metaphysical reality. Life theory of art is the fundamental emotion man feels in the face of life, beginning with his own – which then express toward others. It is the fundamental awareness, known to each of us. Is what we choose that might or truly relates with people around us – families, friends and many other things in life.

True art and freedom of life are something we gather onward in life – never afraid to makes mistakes as long as it don’t affect others. When you try to turn back on the rightful path do believe that our Creator are there guiding as long as we eager to choose the better side of humanity – by nature, art and destiny.