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Have you ever wonder why we can learn something without even realizing it. Some might said that it is due to human instinct, to others it is just some mere nature gift. It is true but still, that not all because there is something we must know about one of basic learning process known as Imitate.

Word imitate are firm within learning hemisphere because its x-factor. Every learning process haves its own specialty. Within the top list of learning process, imitating can be put among top five rank where everything are put up somewhere within its own league.

Why this imitate kind of thing are so important among learning process?

Have you ever heard human basic common sense, where one selves will adopt something that they can make use or in need. Most of this imitating learning process are mere coincident, where thing that seen from other’s action or behavior which thought wise and useful or vice versa.

There nothing personal about it, it sure must cause human have been using imitating method since the moment we came into this world, in the name of survival and many more. It just that we never did remember what happen back in our babies time zone. Did you?

As the moment I wrote this entry thing are sure happen somewhere out there. where someone is learning something through this method. As a matter of fact I’m also doing it right now….

Imitating is a double sword learning technique which if you got it wrong things will go far above your expectations where some of the result will bring in despair. It always connects with the source of your imitation cast. If you imitate evil deed for good reasoning, there only bad so called karma awaits and things are vice versa.

I don’t want to talk about the bad and furious side of this imitate kind of things, let focus it into the bright side shall we!!

Its always great being successfully doing some actions which we see great or superb in the eye of other. In this case I rather assume that is an action which involves body capabilities and abilities. When we saw other people make some action that attracts our attentions we sure do want to learn it, really? Many would agree with my hypothesis – which are self assurance can be achieve if we tries.

Sometimes this imitating learning kind of thing can only been seen or done when we are in some sort of danger or life threatening conditions such as walking on a bridge of flame burning out building or making an somersault while falling into either from high place or many more. The case that I made as example are sure seem weak and pointless, still it do happen when the time come and our sub-conscious mind are engaging with such imitation behavior that we have seen before suite with the condition, the impossible can be done.

The other case are rather more casual in case of problems solving and socialize use. Normally, such criteria a submit under case of stack on hold of something, which people make use or manipulate this imitating kind of behavior while trying to get what they adore or want – basically this will took part while trying to make an interview, alternate people approaching method and many things connecting to social skills. A person whom lack this imitate skill are mostly people that don’t have so many friends or acquaintance.

Frankly said they who lack of imitating skill is a human whom inadequate of self leaning approach. That is my hypothesis from what I read and heard – do share what you know and make it much more reliable entry to read and share.