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Seem that it is time for my feedback for entry – What is your financial freedom mean?

Well, even though there no person who do respond to my previous entry, I’m sure glad that at least people are reading.

Which mean that somewhere in the future I’ll make more of this kind of entry to gain responds from internet user.

Back to my main intention, my financial freedom. This entry is not about what kind or amount of income do I gain, much more rather what kind of approach in reaching my financial freedom goal.

I have my own concepts of financial freedom, which sound nice and easy for me. Things happen vary for individuals cause we never share a single same life.

Its all about making things that I like most which give income in return. Sound familiar don’t you think though? In my case I want to make it reversible.

I looking out thing quite different from others’ perspective.

At first, relaxing at home type of income do astonish me a lot – hey, who don’t want to stay at home while making money.

After numerous of thinking what I really adore is much likely financial freedom which only suitable within my heart concern.

What I really need are financial freedom that allow working outside the house while granting flexibility to get back home at any time needed.

I’m not a kind of person who really like staying at home – not mingling with human. Come on, I really do love my family and eager to spent  all of my time with them, while enjoying my individual valuable time.

It much more like it, that I prefer having a business which allow me traveling all out the world or maybe stay put peacefully on one area, while seeing my wife enjoy her life and children grown up having decent educations.

I just want them to know that life are meaningful if we can reach out our financial freedom with effort while enjoying thing toward meaningful life.

I want a great financial freedom that can be seen, laugh at, share, enjoy and appreciates by love ones!!