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It is hard for me to pick a topic and elaborate it on myself, always need support from the net in addition of what I might have within my sleeve. What really matter is how people might accept it while reading.

Anyway, let it because today I am here with e-loan as my entry topic. Many of you might had hear this and other have never thought of such services do exist. (you can find it out there)

Basically, this kind of services targets online users as their prospects in term of several ‘online lending and finance’ services. They support online community in various circumstances toward aiming to be pioneer within online finance industries. This kind of products and services had their boom in 2006 until 2008 but due to economic crisis some have collapse and others have long been put out of the game. There is countable provider but they still mingle up within financial crisis and struggling to maintain their fortress. I really wish that they succeed the hurdle.

I really thought that fully online financial company can be achieves due to online community that getting bigger every year. What make this idea crucial is that every single day more people plan to move their business online and that not including they who might want to start a fresh business online. Normally, this business needs financial support from its experts which came from online financial firm. They have to focus more on what people on the net really need cause for me people don’t bother what kind services company or firm can provide, rather than what fit the online needs.

I just want to know what are your opinion about this issue? Can an online finance services company breach the need of ‘the’ community? Can an online loan really be a niche for the ‘community’?