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While searching out the net, I stumble by this nice and great articles about How Geniuses Work which told about the subjectivity of how to grade or make an emphasize of what it really are. We will never know how Albert Einstein develop his theory of special relativity of making such great formula (E = mc2 ) that later on greatly influence humanity. Same thing goes for Isaac Newton who invented modern physics, and not to forgot about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart whom started composing great music when he was 5 years old.

This are humanity great individual geniuses that vastly different from anyone else alive. Many stated that genius can be easily spotted in a glance, is it true? What really make them hold the title of geniuses themselves?

They  so different from us – are they non human? What make them walk the path of higher authorities within social hierarchy which define by great wisdom and abnormality from other human?

For me, what make them label out as geniuses is fact that they can push up brain potential into some level that other might think as irrelevant in a way  of achieving it. They intent to be someone who will invent or discover numerous thing that can influence human life itself. Things such unthinkable or impossible is just steps away to unveil in the purposes of improvement and astonish development.

They are subjective with a big picture concept of human capabilities which can be achieve far within normal limitations. That what makes ‘genius’ isn’t easy to quantify, analyze or study. Major research have prove that this geniuses have niche connection with IQ and EQ.

But what makes a person able to do all that? Is it a different, more agile brain? Is it exceptional intelligence? It is it an aptitude for noticing information that other people might consider irrelevant? We’ll begin looking for answers to these questions at the logical starting place for looking at genius — the human brain.

p/s: Sometimes I just hope to understand better what can make a person as they are – geniuses!!