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What a headache when its come to rules and regulations. Everything are set compulsory even with the smallest detail. Many would rather complain than following the path.

Sometimes when it comes to rules and regulation, we always assume that’s only suitable for uniform kind of person. They are worth practicing it than us, normal citizens.

What if that mind set are totally wrong?

Honestly said, do normal people don’t need rules and regulation – such person might said let the nature make their action. Doesn’t mother nature also have her own rules and regulations for each and every action?

Termly said, rules are needed in life either Creator and Human rules. Without it we are much more alike of an animal then a human within civilization history. Are we uncivilized? Ask yourselves!!

While we talk about rules and regulations, out there in life many government have tries numerous way of enforcing great reliable laws along side their history. To obedient versus non-obedient, what a hustle to choose from!!

It is good when government tries to enforce great value of restriction around their people toward reducing problems and making life much more ease and better, but do strict enforcement are what people need in life?

Don’t missed judge me like I’m talking about religious enforcement – this entry is about human enforcement of rules and regulations. Human are lead by human laws which are make base on Creator laws.

That what my mother said way back in my childhood memories. Human seem findings great ways of rapidly spread good and harmony within such ways that when been revise back, would only bring sufferings to local citizens. Rules are rules and punishment are something void within reach of laws.

How about punishment not suitable or equal to deeds. Some might have ferocious pay check rather for a small mistake rather than vice versa. Such thing always happen in third war country. What a pity!! Such case happens everywhere around the globe. Is that really compulsory within law enforcement that life is at stakes?

I’m here to express my thought to the world not provoking others. I hope people will do respect what I’m trying to said as long its follow human guide lines. I’m a rules obedient citizens when it comes to true fair and square of oath within jurisdictions.

Why discriminates your citizen with dis logical laws if you can have it with full pride and honer by giving respect on the ‘pay back’ check…

Make the law wisely and we as your citizen within ‘countries’ will follow it with full heart of wisdom toward the goal of freedom, within grasp of Independent on Human Laws!!