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I came out with this post just to point mark my previous article about Life Style – Exercise The Bold And Beauty, Proper Way. There is one crucial standard for every routine and it vary for different individual – EXERCISE CAPACITY!!

So, I’m going to share things that some might never know (If you already know this – lets refresh things).

Please keep track of your exercise routine – do slow down your tempo if in any case of heavy breathing. Keep the pace up if you can laugh or talk while doing the routine. This technique can be use as routine intensity measurement.

These technique are use by professional in their daily routines. Which more accurate and need expert advices (we can also learn to use it – great technique to measure our fitness):-

  • Count your heart bit = 220 – age x 60% heart bit
  • Maintain your heart bit on average = 90 – 135bpm (bit per minute)
  • To get your heart bit, set your thumb on the wrist and count the pulse
  • Take the pulse rate for 10 second multiply 6.
  • Get expert advice if:
    • Rest time heart bit equal or more than your target limit
    • You under go any drug treatment that lower your blood pressure (which effect your heart bit)

It’s important to know our body capacities and fitness rate before undergo any routine. This might seem nothing crucial but remember – a routine that exceed body capacity is hazardous!!