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Everywhere in this world, especially big cities and developed countries – road accident is the biggest killer on the list with hundred of thousand casualties annually. This issue may be the tip of an iceberg. Which every coming year record shows that the casualties enrollment increase without fail. I am not going to put any number or statistic but enough to express my feeling toward the issue.

What can I said is that – people should take decent act as core toward avoiding road accident from happening. Other that mentioning about maintaining or follow the schedule of servicing our car, there are more to add on. So, I want to share what I read from numerous source into this article for the benefits of sharing is caring – Prudent Behavior To Avoid Road Accident.

To increase our chance of avoiding road accident, lets us understand and share simple and small act that might makes big different state below:

  • Vehicle preparation – check and service it before making any long trip.
  • Stores our belonging properly at the designates places. Don’t mess up the car with this small things – we might never know what will happen in accident cause by it.
  • Always! Always drive carefully – give way to front and rear car when in need. We never loose a thing by being humble on the road.
  • Keep on the slow lane if you’re not speeding – remember, please be patient and drive according to the speed limit.
  • Always equip ourselves with the safety belt – it sure nice and assure our body composition if we have to make emergency braking. Believe me!!
  • Keep the car distant in every direction – it’s not about just front or rear safety should be consider all round of 360 degree x-y-z
  • Be reasonable cause road are meant to be share with everyone – either we like it or not.
While on the move, tiredness is something unavoidable – so, please consider expert advice as mention below:
  • Make sure to have sufficient rest before making any long trip on the road
  • Make a travel plans – date, timing, route and many other to sure that the trip will go smooth.
  • Make driver-shift if you are travelling in group.
  • Avoid practicing the act of driving in sleepy or rushing mode.
  • Finally, please behave and watch for our anger management – You don’t want to skip this into a road violent that ends with tragic accident and casualties!!
Toward everyone, I just want to express my caring and love  – PLEASE BE A PRUDENT DRIVER ON THE ROAD!!
Love all Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa