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Women and fashion are said to be as one, something that cannot be separate since ages. Some willing to dwell in fashion without thinking the sequences. They even spending without thinking while others involved with debt just for the reason of getting up to date with fashion. Accessories such as hand bags, wallet, body and foot wear.

Sometimes, in the name of fashion women do forget that not everything relates with fashion can be categorize as healthy – which in our case for this articles, I’ll emphasize the goodness of high heel (which brings more pain and ill manner to it’s wearer).

High heel is a must have accessories for every women alive. Design with numerous size, color, shape and price attracts women attention worldwide, hence this trend keep on raising due to demand from buyer.

It is proven that the usage of high heel can give high pressure toward user’s knee especially they who got obesity, and research done by United States Foot Orthopedic Associations state that women who uses 3 centimeter high heeled shoe will suffer extra pressure toward their knee almost 26% higher.

This will cause osteoporosis and ligament problems, which relates with nail aches and swollen finger, causing hip pain and tendon inflammation, hence affecting the shoulder, knee and elbow.

London’ researcher found that the usage of high heel support women charismatic aspect but in the mean time can effect their possibilities of pregnancies, which cause by the unstable standing style due to 12.7 centimeter high (affecting the inner organ and its richness).

Surprisingly, the high heel effect have reach to a new stage, where it are famous for causing hair fall among women. It shares the mutual effect cause by corset usage, where the symptom of visceroptosis takes action. The high heel have found its new function – please beware.

My personal conclusion, high heel bring goodness of aches and illness toward its user, it is nothing more than just mere fashion while risking health factors… I’m not joking – PLEASE HEAR ME OUT!!