Our daily world are moving stagnantly where everyone caught up in bad financial scenario. Not to mention that the effect of the last recession on 2008 toward world economic still takes into action. Some might recover but others fall without a glimpse of light to recover.

For they who sustain, we must take an action toward time –  it is time to seek help from the expert, when…

  • Quarreling about money with our partner are normal.
    This is the initial stage for every couple, which the symptom of having a financial problem. Things will get worse if this issue are not being treats with urgent manner. Normally untreated case of this matter will arouse other problem later on.
  • The debts ration is higher than income
    Crucial lesson – always make our liabilities less than 1/3 of our income. This is common sense for they who succeed in sustaining harmony life. Life without unneeded debt. Always remember – what the point of earning something only to paid off your need. What about holidays and so on?
  • Credit card being use to maximum
    Please acknowledge if your credit balance keep adding up from time to time – it’s a sign of hazardous problems!! Never let it reach the maximum limit and you might have to search for another one – which for sure add up the current debt. Woooosh, then you might end up flushing all your income into none!!
  • Paying the minimum is the only option
    Another aspect that we have to emphasize – once we start thinking of paying the minimum (we adding up the debt – of cause the dwelling of interest). Such hasty move of paying what sufficient never exist in this world!! Always thinks to pay more – if we got extra.
  • Delaying any fix monthly payments or bills
    Don’t ya ever dare to do this – remember, any pending payment are meant to be a timing bomb. Once it stop ticking thing might blow up that you would never recover. Always keep your track of the due date and everything relates with it!!
  • In debt with friends or family
    There are nothing I can say about this one – we know things better.
  • Can’t sleep at night (not to mention daylight)
    This might be the last question that many would avoid to answer – please be honest!! If the answer is yes – do seek proper help.

that all from me – until next update Daaaaaa