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I’m starting to look over for a better life recently – especially when having weight of 100kg++ for such short person like me – 175-180cm height. Planning to make some move on doing more exercise force me to research the most suitable ways of doing things effectively in the same time – FUN, with no pressure on the body!!

I’ve done my part of gathering info in addition to fully utilize my exercise routine. There always guide toward better result in what ever we do. To exercise the bold and beautifully, I have to follow this guides:-

  1. Always get advise from professional before you made up any exercise routine.
  2. Start your exercise routine step by step accordingly for several week:-
    • Work your routine with a set of working and rest (2-3 minute) for 15 minute.
    • Increase our routine time interval each week until it reach 30 minute per session.
  3. Remember to start your routine with warm up to prevent any bad after effect pain.
  4. It is crucial to end every single routine by doing some cool down movement such as stretching or walking to prevent dizziness or pain.
  5. Please slow down the pace if you feel or having breathing difficulties.
  6. Stop immediately if you feeling:-
    • Discomfort
    • Pain
    • Dizzy
  7. Use proper attire for secure and ease session.
  8. It is crucial to choose suitable exercise environment:-
    • Flat and dry surface
    • Choose suitable weather before doing your routine.
    • Extra criteria (differ from people needs).
  9. Make sure you’re having proper hydration rate – always standby with lots of water.
  10. Practice breathing technique in between routine sessions.
  11. If you having diabetes illness, please remember to:-
    • Bring sweets all along. Take some of it if you feel dizzy to prevent the effect of Hypoglycemia form occurring.
    • Use footwear protection to prevent injuries.
    • Never do any exercise routine if you are stuff or empty.
  12. While for they who have high blood pressure issues:-
    • Stop instantly if feeling dizzy, chest pain and hard to breath.
    • Stop for awhile before continue – takes time
  13. Finally, they who have weight problems (Definitely me!!):-
    • Never try to make any hard or aggressive routine
    • Minimize your movement to prevent muscle damage.

p/s: The most important thing for me to do – never overdone things. I want to be fits but in the same time afraid of the pain cause by injuries. One more things do what you body can restrain at the moment – don’t go overboard.

That all from me for now – daaaaaa