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Well I don’t know about this one – there lots of thing being said on the Net about future possibility of some new gas tax existence. People whom talking about buying a carbon offset to ease any guilt – what kind of guilt, you name it!!

Some might said that there are scam or even hideous scheme to suck people money, by standing behind green theme. Do you really think that by planning some 10-100 acre can restore what have been chop down deep down in the jungle. Building up some windmill can restore the lost of what we had done this past few centuries.

Things that these people said and done – are too good to be true. What are they thinking, honestly?

Some makes provocation toward other people – pointing up and arguing any upraise issues.

My only solution is simple – do it ourselves. We need more than just GAS TAX or what ever they might call it!! Consult the help of people, community and government. Just imagine with the world population now day – what will happen if every single house have their own approach toward preserving the nature (in many way).

Why bother about gas or carbon emission if we never concern about the functionality of nature. Even a polluted river and ocean can give effect on global warming!! It not enough to beware about your so call “offset” – being concern and caring can be add up for better anti “warming”

p/s: always start from the basic – which we must educate our future retainer of this world – children of hope!! Then we can talk about what ever scheme that “they” have in mind.