When talking about today’s topic, its remind me that I do like to eat. It been my favorite routine since I manage to hold up some money – eat great varieties of good food.

My childhood experience of having to see all the food while unaffordable to buy it, definitely make up this behavior of mine. Such revenge for that time – maybe 🙂

I have always consider doing all the food stuff as a great self motivation and appreciation. It sure do worth when enjoying at ‘it’ especially with my wife.

Other might get their self something much more abstracts such as thing that can be kept and hold. In my case its way too different – especially when you only have limited space to store it.

Its been my routine for each month to have such food ‘fest’ within my price though. Sometimes, thing is not as what said and done – sometimes I do exceed my limit.

Why once a month – payday of cause :). While having it at will I never tent to get stingy cause that bad deed will ruin my mood. Having good time is what I always prompt into my food fest, never get stingy or you might feel uneasy which in the end make thing bitter. Food is all about lovely and nice mood – in my case, I would like to state it as formal dinner with wife while having little talk about everything.

Cool though cause having decent conversation while enjoying the food is something people should try once in awhile. It sure boost up your mood and ease stress. Most important is being with love one :P.

Switching from one venue to another depend on my intuitions and mood that suits me well, cause I never know what we might want to eat monthly – sound nice to me. My venue will be a several rotation of Pizza hut, McDonald, Burger king, local tom yam stall, Star Buck, Nando’s and many more.

A place where I can spend 50 Ringgit while having the best of it. Not so expensive but worth the satisfaction, which sound just fine for me.

Hurm, can’t wait for next pay day 😛 Daa