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Everything that  we choose to do in life always take effect toward environment no matter how small or vice versa. There are something we should know about mother nature – lots of thing will extinct if we don’t preserve it. I’m going to talk about our nature of car wash- such behavior which people use to forget inflict many things toward the environment.

Many do not realize that washing our car, especially at homes, do give major environmental impacts. Either, it’s excess water use, dangerous product usage or improper drainage. So, let us learn for today onward the appropriate precautions before cleaning our vehicles.

Curb Water Use

The average water hose in homes use anywhere from 5-10 gallons of water per minute depending on the pressure of the water. If we decide to use the hose for 10 minute of the washing, we can use as many as 100 gallons of water or more just to rinse a car. This means that we have to ensure we are not allowing our hoses to run while not rinsing our cars off.

When we not directly rinsing our car, make sure to turn off the water hose. An automatic shutoff nozzles can also be used to ensure water is not being wasted. If we have a pressure washer, we will get the maximum water savings because they only use a fraction of the water of hoses as well as provide higher pressure. Which save more water.

Eco-Friendly Car Products

Before we buys any cleaning product for the vehicle, make sure that ‘they’ are non-toxic, contains low or no phosphates and are biodegradable. Some of these products may be slightly more expensive, but will ensure our safety as well as environments. If our car is not that dirty, we can always just scrub it with no soap and still get clean.

Proper Drainage

Just because we decide to go with a safe cleaning product, does not mean that the dangerous chemicals will not entering the ground. The variety of chemicals that can end up on our vehicle are not safe in any ways to directly enter our ground. If possible, try to wash our vehicle on the grass or surface that allow the chemical to be filtered before entering the ground.

Home vs. Commercial Car Washing

Commercial car washing services are not the best solution, but may be much more environmentally friendly than we might think. On average, a commercial car washing service only uses a little as 15 gallons of water per person for self service. Conveyor services can use considerably more water and chemicals.

So, be sure to use self-service – instead of saving environment we can also use it as our exercise routines. Many car wash businesses also recycle their water as much as 80% of the water and properly discharge it it to ensure treatment before re-entering our water systems. Not every car washing businesses are created equal so ask the appropriate question to make sure that they are providing environmentally friendly services.

P/S: Always to our home work before doing our car washing routine and make sure – Lets us preserve mother nature, even with slightness change. That all from me Daaaaaaaaaaaaa