Such random topic for today’s entry which took me awhile to make up my mind. Is it truly good to share what I have been thinking lately. Such bothersome topic to wrote up and hoping for good respond from who ever gets by into this entry – frankly said, I really need feedback for this one.

I never had such intentions of sharing this type of entry. This entry is about a word from a wisdom man (which can be classified unknown) talking about bridge. How should I put it into words, sound really weird huh – where my focus is way too deep which every aspect of this entry related to human decisions, even tough people might thought of me wanting to make a solid concrete steel bridge. Instead,  I just want to know what people thought of this topic.

Well the problem with human are all about making decisions throughout living process, but do we really understand what the most crucial decision ever to make in life. People always talking about making the right decisions. What if the right thing to be done is something unease. Which that right decisions are meant in losing something to gain other thing.

In many conditions, its already to late when we realize that something should be cast away far from our life – no mater what it takes or cost. We might loose money, friends, partner and many sweet ‘fake’ things  or shall I call it ‘dreams’. Dreams of having something which never meant for oneself.

As an example; would you throw away your friends or partner which can give you a handy hand in exchange of freedoms. Don’t you ever dare telling me that no such occasion ever happens in your life. Everyone does, but the difference vary on whether you choose money instead of freedom; love instead hatred; grudge instead of forgiving and many more. It vary base on individuals.

Most case, its about making plans to build up new bridge. What if one day you reach a condition where old bridge must be demolish for a better new bridge with greater prospects in life. The questions is are we ready for the choice and consequences.

What do you have in mind? Share it with me.