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Many people have blindly tries many ways to put themselves up to the sleeve of higher SEO pull out. Many success but the percentage of people who got ban keep arouse each and every moment. Rather being stubborn or reckless many would make such drastic attempt to even cheat on “things” when relates with SEO.

Don’t ever put yourself in a league of spammers whom make a fuzz of flooding the online world with spam site which only intents to make money fast and leave.

My question is simple.

What do you want with your blogs or site; money, fame, fans or benchmark? 

How far will you go for something irrational overboard in the name of getting more traffics?

Don’t you bother being ban by any search engine, especially Google?

Back to our main topic. I am very sure that none of us like to be ban by Google. Many newbies have seek for answers why they had been ban by Google instead of doing nothing wrong. Of cause they don’t have any idea why things happen.

Let us share something important here – right now!!!

What NOT to do when optimizing your website?

There is two aspect taking into account when NOT to do with SEO:

On page:

  • Hidden text in your web page
  • Meta tag stuffing
  • Image Alt spamming (repeated)
  • Title tag stuffing

Off page:

  • Bad out link
    Getting ban or gray barred by Google have never been determine on link farm that linking to you, unrelated link or low page rank. None of this thing will effect your website a tiny bit of search ability by the SE. The most dangerous thing can effect your website thus can make a ban happen is the “OUT LINK“.

From what I state above – lets make it short. Bad out link from our website are surely hazardous not even to SE but also genuine visitors. What will you feel after searching the SE. Found what you want and read through. Interesting articles of info with additional info which just a link click away.

Which then end up with something inappropriate!! Now just put it into an AI for Google. What do you think “It” might do?

So, what out for link that you might want to put into your articles of website – cause you might accidentally put your future into a tarnish and dark prospects