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Have you ever heard of people who likes other because of their self resembles?

It is true that Imitation, the old saying goes, is the sincerest form of flattery, which also appears as an ancient personal mechanism that promotes social bonding’s and, presumably, sets the stage for relative strangers to coalesce into group of friends.

Imitation had been one most crucial characteristic within relationship bonds base on Fundamentals of Social Psychology which discuss with Fashion. What I really want to discuss is all about making an imitation which promotes social bonding in the word of blogging.

It is not something that you done by doing the exact same things, but rather doing or repeating same action with your own unique approach.

Human beings often take on same ideas, writing skills and even displays the mannerism of people with same interest which then forming groups.

To make great blogs or website that gather people all around the world are things that very crucial. Always make a research before jumping into a conclusion of making any website of blogs. What ever your interest will determine what kind of group of people you might end up in. People never do put so much interest if you set such vary scope of information within.

There is no such things as one stop centre for everything. Great blogs always focus on specific group of audiences and make great imitation of information behaviour that were needed by others. If fortunate, things might even turn up the table by reaching group that willing to make such contribution in any form just to show their supports. Individuals who match each others’ behaviours feel a sense of affinity for each other, making conflicts less likely, and cooperation more likely. Eventually, such connections extend throughout the group.

Its has been argued that the link between behaviour matching and increases in affiliation might have played an important role in human evolution by helping to maintain harmonious relationships between individuals.

To success within blogging world one should have their respective group of self imitation which connect each other toward better support and information regulation.

P/S: I always like to find more friends in numerous aspects but seldom end up with great friends which I found out later having one or two things in common.