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What should I said about this topic. It seem that everyone have their own version of opinions. Well, I do know what you might be thinking of this articles, but hey – I really want to make up some point here. Many had fail to emphasize on what kind of post was it; business, personal, news letter or microblog.

People might argue on what I’ll wrote within this post and I really hope for that.

Well, I use to look at my daily statistic and guess what – it’s never bother me. Until recently that I bump into a link (click to know more) mentioning something about posting up as much as you can within one day and make it a habits in return for traffics. It even explaining the what so call “Phenomenon” with arise issue of established blogs’ index!!. This is my feedback on personal view regarding that article.

Ok, correct me if I wrong.

Great SEO base website can be nicely indexed even without frequent post entry nor lack of mass production of what so call pages.

I would never want to talk about things such as more pages equal to more index. Numbers can attract regular readers (put aside SE and SM visitors) which classified as friends or what ever people might call it. If I give you a choice – either Traffic rank or Page rank, “What will you choose?”

Traffic rank – unstable entity (people get bored of nothing special or feel spammed with the RSS feeds – boom there your traffic down the drain).

Page rank   – this one are more into your back link, side maps and contents which is very subjective.

So, I choose both by making equal calculation of stable traffics versus articles in addition of better page rank. Every blog or website need their own niche of articles post frequencies. Isn’t it obvious, a fight over personal blogs and news website such Yahoo or CNN are something incomparable.

Unless, you’re into some kind of microblog based blogging – which what ever happen of being think deep within can be share without limit. Then, frequent post or shout is infinate. Try this yourself and find out the niche point of your website or blog. Frequencies versus smart post out ratio.

That it from me for this post entry, Daaa