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Ok, what will be discuss within this entry is something important to a relationship such as sugar to an ant, really!! Hurm, maybe it something much more important that phrase – which I let all of you out there to decide.

Sharing a love relationship is God blessing to human. So, never underestimate what power does it have in hand!! If we nurture it enough with trust and honesty – love will prevail. While, anxiety and disrespect of one another privacy chaos will take over. Everyone will react to different effects; beauty or ugly.

These violations of trust will kill any relationship which are made up for 2 difference person with vice versa. Sharing a relationship is a blessing. Every single person whom bonded with their special someone must keep in mind, that respecting each other privacy and retaining trust are the true essential toward a healthy relationship.

I rather said that people should never be a fan of hard and fast rules type of relationship. To ensure that we will never breach the trust boundaries in our relationship, there are several detrimental relationship behaviours that should be avoided:

  1. Seeing into personal info. Have you ever suspect your partner over a betrayal? Even so, is that give you a right to start reading your partner personal info such message, email or voice mail? Hack into his/her personal online profiles? ‘NO’ is the definite answer!! Never do this act, cause you not even violate your partner trust but also people who left that email, message or event voice mails. Worse scenarios, if they know about your deeds!!
  2. Lying in exchange for better cause. Its way so appropriated manner to lie within a decent relationship as far as I concern. Although we’ve probably all been guilty of doing it is such manner will not give benefits. You might been thinking of doing the act in an effort to avoid hurting him/her of maybe tries to get rids of confrontations as wise decision. Such regrettable act – give a damn time of though, what will you do if the lies expose – won’t that meant for you to dig your own relationship grave. Thing will get worse in a way because of your deception which I insisted in choosing honest communications toward solving what so ever you might call problems.
  3. Making oneself as a double agent. Never ever sneak into your partner belonging – more over when it comes to private info!! No matter what you have in mind just ask directly and make good conversations,which is much more preferable than snooping all around without permissions. It is such a violent type of violations toward your partner – it a taboo!!
  4. Being a frantic freak. Everyone alive must have heard this phrase – fanatics admire. While that is not what I mean but the case scenario is quite same cause in this case one that being doing all this freaky act is you – his/her love partner!! Sound damn freaky to me. Never tailgating your partner in what so ever conditions, what will they be thinking of ya’. If they ever find out – that it no more trust for you, which then can be consider as the end of your relationship.

So even if you have some type of “intuition” that your partner is hiding something from you, it’s better to engage in a confrontation with them openly rather than searching for answers secretly. The outcome of voicing your suspicions honestly with your partner will always be better than if your partner discovers you engaged in any of the behaviours. Honesty make a perfect pair for a great return of trust.