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There are lot of expert out there making things complicate for everyone. Such paid, free with subscription or full added link toward rubbish source e-book that people claims effective. But, the truth prevail once people hold up onto their e-book just to feel disappoint. That not to mentions many other form of futile information laid within the vast internet which claims to be proven and kick ass.

I use to be one of the lack and misguide person about all of this – especially when it comes to SEO. I’m going to make my own simple information base on what I’ve read and experience myself. Hope that this information can be a great use to everyone. If in case of any other expert read this and have something advance to add up – do comment. I really appreciate it.

Every times people asking or search about SEO they have no solid idea of what they really need. They never ask what they really need, instead of following instruction from what they have been reading of watch. This is bad and never work out. Honestly said and done, better search your own trend and trademark of making things especially when it involve SEO benchmarking.

So, you better ready to question yourself the next time ya’ planning on making such move on your website SEO – it don’t matter either it’s relates with SEO Construction, indexing or crawl ability perspectives. You’re much recommended to ask yourself base on below list (Which what I know so far):

Traffic dropout.
Many would relate this issue with a ranking problems which especially link with Google’s PR. Many of us makes quick reaction of assuming that a dropout of traffic is an indicator of some soft of search rank.

Some people out there have vast index despite of their low PR or even none. Key point toward this issue are directly influence by crawling problems experience by crawler. There could be part of your site not being indexed even after crawl process.

There are some soft of extraction issue but what most crucial is to create your infrastructure to diagnose problems.Start with some ranking report benchmark. Know where you stand out of everyone. Kick start with Website Grader and know what the basic things to check up.

Know about where you stand in the SERPs for those queries and that will give you a general idea of any significant ranking movement.

How spider do their jobs.
To determine this issue you must have pages that construct within categories. Where there are logs that can  be revise base on category basis. You may found out significant idea about how the bot are doing their job indexing your content.

These various category pages may also have significant variation in terms of their crawl rates. Some of your category sections may be crawled at a rate of 10 pages per day, some at 100 pages per day. Being able to see how many pages the crawlers pick up from the individual categories gives you a good idea about how long it takes the bots to get through your whole site

Crawl efficiency.
There is no such thing of constant attention from any search engine crawler toward existing contents. If you have vast amount of pages – make sure to inform the ‘bot’ firmly on what it must note on.

If you don’t want registration pages, error pages, things like that – all non productive pages. So you would want to keep the engines off of things that are not productive for you so they can spend more time dealing with the good stuff.

Make sure search engine crawl to avoid ‘that’.

Crucial site maps.
A comprehensive canonical .xml site maps are crucial for each of your categories (the categories have to be declared canonical before you can do this). In other words, you can create a sitemap index file that links your multiple sitemaps and submit it to Google Webmaster Central.

With Google webmaster central submission, you will have access to great application and services which allow area coverage of your crawl contents as how much that being indexed.

It’s great facilities to identifies problems with solid reference.

Sometimes when it comes to SEO, lots of things can be neglect and others are just too crucial to let go. Please make sure that you’re making ‘the’ analysis because of ya’ having problems instead of try and error process in search for better rank and traffic reach.

Sometimes, changes are not necessarily problems.