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This is a basic things that people who makes money online (well recommend to they who want to be full timer:

Many old timer always recommend this to newbies and hey, it sure work (only for full timer). Let see what they have to tell us:

They never teach us on how to do that or this. Just follow what they do base on experience and hey, it does work for me too. the effect vary from one another. In my case the effect are not much cause I’m doing it part-time. The most effective way of doing this is “brute force pluss technique”.

  • Create a blog,
    start making 10 posts a day for 30 days. Then cut the frequency down to 3 posts a day. Each post has to be of 400 words. Don’t spend more than 7 minutes writing a post, if you go beyond 10 minutes you are doing something wrong. You need a seminar on content creation.
  • Make one press release a day.
    There are a bunch of free PR sites. Submit the same release to all of them. Do this for 10 days in a row. With online press releases you get what you pay for. The more you pay the better exposure you get. I prefer the free option. From all my experiments I found its better to have 10 free press releases than just one $250 one. That’s just me, let me know what you find.
  • Write 10 articles a day
    and start submitting them to article directories. At the end of the month you will have about 300 articles. Again if you are spending more than 10 minutes per article, You are doing something wrong. Just a word of caution, articles and blog posts are two different things, they are not the same. Blog posts have a character and persona where as articles are written with a journalistic flare. There are a bunch of article directories, these days almost all of them are effective and ineffective on the same breath. Don’t spend a lot of time breaking your head on what is working and what is not working, Just find the one that you like and go with. Search this blog for some of my recommendations.
  • Create one video a day
    and submit it to top 10 video sites. Don’t spend a lot of time submitting into 500 video sites. Top 10 video sites will give you 80% of the traffic, so focus on the best sites ignore the rest.
  • Create one special report a week. Now this could be the content from the blog posts and articles you are writing on a daily basis or from PLR content. If you are one of those people who think PLR content will not make you money.. Sorry.. Lets talk
  • Hold One teleseminar per week.
    Conduct your teleseminars even if you have just one person on the call. I have completed over 800 teleseminars till now and trust me my best content has come from the Q&A we have at the end of the teleseminars. Never close a teleseminars without a live Q&A. Transcribe the teleseminar and then slice the content to load it to your blog, article directories and also to twitter.
  • Create one info product a month,
    your info product can be a bunch of interviews, screen capture videos, audio CD’s of you narrating a story etc. Don’t spend more than 48 hrs creating your product. Any product that takes more than 48 hours to create is a waste of time. Remember in the 48hours you should create the salesletter, site design, shopping cart hookup, keyword research, PPC campaign setup, JV identification, Delivery mode sertup etc.

    •  Yes there are some products that take months to create and I understand their relevance and usage, But when starting creating momentum is important and that is what you are trying to achieve here
  • Write One Broadcast email a day,
    Many marketers suggest that you upload all your broadcast emails upfront into your auto-responder, my suggestion to you: please don’t. Write your broadcast emails on a daily basis, as this gives you a certain level of discipline as far as creating content is concerned. You don’t need to send one email everyday to your list, but its critical that you write.
  • Contact one JV partner a day
    and ask them how you can help them, most people approach JV partnders for thier own versted interests. This kills the deal even before it starts. Always pay forward. Results will stak up for you in the end
  • Contact One lead or customer a day
    This is a big one. Every time I ever spoke to any of my customers or subscribers they ended up buying more from me with out me ever selling anything to them. Talk about Affinity. Affinity is an important concept that many internet marketers are struggling to practice.

The most important things doing all above instruction is “be genuine”. People know if you get all the information from else where – but, they will surely give positives feedback if they saw what you did with putting into some creativity and twist thing a bit genuinely as your own.