Some people seem to be able to keep their wits well into old age. But some just don’t have their chance for that golden experience. Some research said that there is other factors than solely base on genetics play role. This post of mine state several factors that abide the cruel laws of sharper mind despite having awesome genetics.

While other research has shown that genetics play a role in whether people get dementia, the study adds to a growing body of research that is uncovering ways you can up the odds of keeping your brain healthy and your memory sharp now and later.

Things that have to be done are simple as follows:

EXERCISE: They found that people who exercised moderately to vigorously at least once a week were 30 percent more likely to maintain a sharp mind than those who did not work-out as often.

EDUCATION: People with at least a high school education were almost three times more likely to keep up their cognitive ability than those without this education. And those who had a ninth grade literacy level were nearly five times more likely to maintain the ability (a specific word recognition test was administered during the study to assess the subject’s literacy level.)

NOT SMOKING: There was also a connection between smoking and brain function in old age. Non-smokers were almost twice as likely to stay quick-minded as those who smoked.

SOCIALIZING: Finally, some social activity may also be good for the mind. The results showed that subjects who volunteered, worked or lived with someone else were 24 percent more likely to keep up their cognitive function.

Some might said that things are somewhat unimportant due to what they seem to have now day’s. Others just don’t bother due to busy lifestyles and lack of awareness. It just too simple to keep a sharp mind either young or old. I’m personally have never thought that making such healthy social activities give much credit into mind and brain development. About that smoking thinggy – I better stop fast.

Anyway, I hope that this entry do give useful information to everyone who read it. Daaa