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Well, it seem that I might be too late posting this Twitter ‘thinggy’ but at least I’m trying to put my own version from what been heard or read from others. Lots of people post this and make their version – the essential is quite the same but here, I’m trying to built it with my own word deep from within. From my own personal point of view – Twitter is all about expressing yourself to the world within 140 characters.

On Twitter, everything quick is short. Period. Quick sprout of followers ? Possible, but not long lasting. Quick popularity ? Possible, but you won’t be remembered as a friend. Still don’t agree ?

The basic is simple to follow:

1. Communicate with people around you

2. Don’t go for the numbers

3. Bring in quality to your Tweets

4. Give respect, take respect

5. Say No when you have to. Don’t fake

6. Vary your Tweets – Don’t stick to one category

7. Choose your follower wisely – not spam

8. Be modest, say thanks for the favour and help

Why I don’t wrote it with long explanation – some people do have their own way of doing things. So, this articles is all about giving out hints to everyone. Maybe, event I lack the most right now. Hey, what we’re talking here is subjective. So, got out there and make what you thought right.

p/s: Sometimes, people read on others, but does things really reach out?