I would rather built up my personal website manually. I dunno what other might says cause this is what I most like about self-branding. Make up friends, acquaintances, and prospects  base on honesty and belief is crucial for me. If you intent to make your step do follows this 7 steps below:

Step 1
We all know that word of mouth can be the best way to spread the news about something new or something cool. This is the concept behind viral marketing–someone passes something on to a friend or colleague and it makes its rounds without any work from you. This is what we’re going to focus on–how to do something once and have the product speak for itself.

Step 2
Compiling information into an eBook and selling it (or offering it for free, of course!) can be a great way to bring people back to your site. You will establish yourself as an expert in the subject and provide great free information for your consumers, and by adding links to your website for “more information,” your customers will be checking back on your site more often than not.

Step 3
If you can do programming, or know someone that can, it would be a great idea to offer a small, simple utility program that can be of interest to those that visit your website. For example, say you have a blog or website about eBay marketing. Maybe you could offer a program that shows customers the top-selling items of the day. Something along that line. Something that people could pass on, share, blog about in their OWN blogs and send traffic your way.

Step 4
Everyone knows YouTube, and if you create videos that relate to your website and offer them on your page and also use YouTube to direct traffic to your site, you’ll be sitting pretty in no time. YouTube offers alternatives for people to “pass it on” quickly and easily to their friends and coworkers, which saves you the work of trying to “pass it on” yourself!

Step 5
If you know how to make Flash games, make a simple game that relates to your website. Be sure to keep your logo and website address prominent throughout the game so people remember it!

Step 6
Write, write, write! Write about your topic. Write blogs, articles, anything that verifies that you know what you’re talking about, your knowledgeable about your subject and then use this free material to link to your website. If people are intrigued by what you have to say, they’ll be clicking that link near the end to see what else you’ve got to share!

Step 7
Make materials that can be freely distributed among your customers. For example, if you have a website that is for teachers, create some free printouts that they can use in their classroom. Or if you’re a website focused on new mothers, create printable checklists for what to bring to the hospital or what to register for at the store. Simple things like this can be shared–just be sure your logo and website are prominent on these printouts, so your customers know how to make their way back to your website!

p/s: Sometimes you can make your own personal step after experiencing it yourselves.