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Wondering why people making such fuss all about Twitter?

What is Twitter main goal toward micro-blogging?

Is it really matter what Twitter can give?

Does people wasting their time instead searching for money in Twitter?

Can we judge that Twitter is bad or good; evil or justice?


My point is simple – When the user of internet reach almost ‘Billion’ or already over the par ( I don’t know you tell me!!), do we have to bother about judging almost everything out there? What are your opinions?

I never judge thing with self-prejudice, instead of thinking of ‘its’ possibility. So, my personal point of view – Twitter is SUBJECTIVE (an entity that cultivated by users).

P/S: Everything in this world follow the same rule!! Twitter will be what it really are depends on people within. Each of every individual out there have their own unique ideal goal with Twitter. So, just let them be. It just that simple .