I hope for people who do read this, please do acknowledge that it have nothing to do with provoking or being sarcastic. You have all right either being agreed or disagreed with this post!! It takes me quite some time to construct word by word hoping for others to be optimistic and open mind toward it!! I’ll try to make it short and simple for other to understand!!

Brief Story About Page Rank
Page rank is a trade mark of Google inc. which known as the best search engine provider at this time. Shocking fact about this page rank, this application is patent under assign of Stanford University. Being the lead association which planning to provide many advance facilities in the near future have make them made this somewhat “page rank” thinggy!! [more]

Straight to the point about page rank, which firstly release with Google Tool bar on “enable option” application under some rules and regulation of disclaimers!! Then, Mozilla Firefox officially equips this Google Tool bar with the page rank feature into their browser!! Further action had been taken by open source side, which make their own version of page rank using Google API!!

Then, the story of new era start its journey!!

Brief Opinions Of Mine On Page Rank
From here on, I’ll go with my own opinion base on the source I found in Wikipedia about page rank!! Refer the list below:

  • Page rank uses link as votes
  • Google’s ” rel=’nofollow’ ” proposal
  • Google tool bar page rank
  • False or spoofed page rank

Page rank uses link as a votes
Sound interesting though but still there is something fishy about it, really!! Hurm, lets make it in in two aspects of pro and con. I does like the idea of link as votes, but is it necessary? It just that what I learn about votes, there never a 100% good percentage of votes for every single thing… Answer it honestly.

Some site might added you and it feel really great to acknowledge that!! Think again, when somehow, somewhere and somewhat occasion take action which your link have been add on hazardous or malicious site!! [more]

What is your perceptions? Do tell me…

Google’s ” rel=’nofollow’ ” proposal
Come on… Do you ever thought of using this method? Vast major site maybe, but how about us; small name, newbies and nobody in the NET. Think again if you want to use this method.

When the first time I think of this method, wow what a dangerous act to be done, especially for people out there whom call their self as blogger’s!! Why? Maybe you should brainstorm “the mind” about what is the function of track back?

Simple code with vast “Dark Vader” within… ho3

Google tool bar page rank
Do you ever drop by into some unwanted url, read the site and wondering why its have PR more than your interesting site? Hurm…..

This feature can be found in additional toolbar provider site, but best and much wiser is just download it from Google inc. Official and install it within your toolbar, much easier isn’t it? Now, that is for viewer!!

How about site or blog owner? They might use PRchecker and much more!! Somehow, it is important to indicate your PR in case for viewer whom don’t have it within their browser to differentiate your site!!

Note: PR will not indicate your true popularity cause sometimes its varies depending on many factor!! Base on Matt Cutts of Google inc. [more]

False or spoofed page rank
Easily manipulated!! Wow with caps, never thought that Page rank can be done with that manor. Seem hard to do for us beginner, but remember there are lots of hacker expertise on the NET!!

It seem that somehow, there is a person out there might doing this action to their unworthy site or blog for us to come in and attracts more visitor, where they only put ads and malicious thing inside.

Read more about 302 Google jacking and you’ll know what is the message i’m trying to send to you!! [more]

Personal opinion
PR seem important to many bloggers out there, which is an important fact to acknowledge!! When, I read this facts from wikipedia, I realize that PR is only one of NET component, nothing more than that…

Interests, Ambitions, Concepts, Ideas, Determination, Creativity and Trademark are much more important cause visitors can only educated with the list I stated above then just a mere number on the PAGE RANK!!

I know what is the meaning of its, because it takes me 4-5 days only to make this post with educate words of my limited wisdom and fact from reliable source!! Now its depends on visitors to differentiates it!!