I read many articles relating this topic, which also comes in with many feedback from the user. Such addictive manners are well known for every single person alive (if they are one of permanent online resident).

From my point of view, lots of the online resident are self-employ and have their own timetable in term of organizing every single activities. They don’t concern about boss or employer interest.

I’m here to talk about people whom working for ‘someone’ at office cubicle but in the same time spending their time making an effort within Social Networks. It is hard to comment cause I’m one of them (I never had any Internet access at the office anyway!!). How about they who does?

This crucial matter is under vast cover up everywhere globally. Incident where people get caught up during ‘session’, exposing things that confidential; and many more. This should not be happening cause when we said about Social network is all about individual, unless the ‘account’ are set up for company or corporate marketing purposes.

It is about a concept of Social Network being use as good tool rather than recklessly abandoning it flawless toward misbehave actions. Things that can be said and done are full list of possibilities when we point out toward the benefits of Social Networks services. Companies should know what is the pro and cons aspects before allowing their fellow workers deals up with the issue.

‘They’ should consult professional advices before making leap step toward Social Network cold-fusion integration within their company policies. One things that I do know – Social Networks restrictions is a must for company with no ideas of what after effect can it bring upon their precious benchmarks and branding.

Social Network are meant for they who know their goal and target, which in the same time acknowledge the disastrous effects of mishandle. Only allow Social Networks within the company if you eager to bear with the effect, either if it good or bad.