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What a nice idea of merging online and offline into one automation process which in the future creates something that might bust every single franchise and retailing business into something phenomenon. I recommend for all of you to read it especially if ya’ concern things that relates with Twitter.
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This articles which written by Jim Bruene gain my interest, with the approach BakerTweet and TwitPay collaboration. This is just an example that people discovers within the vast Twitter-NET. This is a tiny picture of a larger possibilities infamous micro-blogging becoming major affection toward social network which one day might become – prospects network.

Every possibility in this world are meant to be found as long we change our mind perception. I might state that Twitter will make major attraction for advance customization of prospects fusion toward bright future on new globalization – and hey, what great about this. The services are free.

p/s: Twitter will be famous (which already does) toward prospects building for many sector. It just that I wish for full integrity attitude or approach from individual or corporate agencies if ‘they’ yearn to dive into Twitter Universe.