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Today kick start haven’t arrive yet. Still I am going to make an article while watching movie online, hope that you don’t mind.

I’m find this topic quite good to discuss for some purpose, I get the author intentions – Will the Online Personal Finance Specialists Survive? Especially, when I do the same thing. Pay bill, tracking each payment and make purchasing online. In writer case, he meant for personal financial management websites. It quite bothering at first, what kind of personal?

Its more to personal assistants for taking care each and every details relate with members financial in and out inventory – being under control. From my point of view, niche services are the main criteria which differentiate them. Services such as maximizing our budget with minimal finance disposal within coupe of over spend or fraud attempts, personal organizer which put track everything within one place which can be access anytime in case of latest financial tracks status.

Its worthless if the specialist don’t make full use of their CRM in term of finding what people really want. Until ‘They’ solve this matter and reconstructing new niche to serve their client. Otherwise, thing might get worse and they’ll out from the league and never survive for sure!!


For me everything that relates are security and user friendly system 🙂