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What a topic for today’s entry…

This entry might get many attentions from they who own it, definitely!! I rather state this entry as must read for general.

What really Mobile Phones are doesn’t matter at all, cause you can find the info else where. I just want to say much more about, ‘What criteria does people want when they buy their mobile phones?’.

We all do acknowledge that there are several main brand in the world. They are NokiaMotorolaSamsungSony Ericsson and LG, which I took up this list specially from my country.

What kind of criteria people seek in the process of buying their mobile phones? Below are some list that I can think of which will be collaborate later in this entry:

Many would rather buy mobile phones with infamous brand rather it have great features or not. Many people said that brand does matter, really? Some might said that brand must equally suit to personality status. What kind of status? Rich and famous, elite or normal? You choose!!

Normally people would be choosy when talking about price, but price doesn’t matter in this topic cause they will buy what they want and need no matter what the cost are. Is it true? One side said yes and the vice versa.

Weird design versus owner? Ever imagine that someone out there really exist? A person whom search for a mobile phones that no one would ever think of using, maybe such design that people would rather thought unique but doesn’t have eagerness to have.

How about you? Want to share anyone?

Function+User Friendly
This sub topic are really hustle to determine by each or every person I ask. Feel the freedom operating one gadget is the main factor, such everything is at one push of a button and wallah, there you have what in need.

Maybe, you rather shoot up some key store just to make up sms, video calls and many more with a vogue styles. Some have said to me that they don’t care about the hassle and long it worth it!! Hurm, better think twice.

Life spend+Market value
Finally, here come the winner of all criteria in the eye of most people that I’ve know. Life spend of their battery and of cause further mileage of hardware resistant. Water and shock proof as main agenda within choosing a mobile phone. Like they said,’ what is the point buying expensive phones if it can stand the hardness of ‘their’ owner!!’. Do you have the same idea?

For me, that is nothing to compare to market value. Have you ever ask yourself about trade in your current phone for another which much more up to date, but having problem with low than average trade in price? I can conform that many of us out there do experience the same thing, unless you never intent of get loose of the memory captive. Well, that is way up to another dimension of this question.

No matter what your criteria are I’m sure lots of you out there surely happy with the choice. I’m not making this entry to provoke or criticizes other people. It just another Entry that it seem effect people life that I want to share with you. Do enjoy your mobile phones and take care.

p/s: I much more prefer one gadget for one function 🙂