People always sees what ahead or thing that can be justify by 5th sense. Nothing much like it when people do acknowledge about disability among human. Even kids can told the differences.

I’ve read numerous articles about disable person achieving ‘things’ in life from winning dancing competition, being superb entrepreneurs, marrying to great person, having superb normal children and many more.

What are their true secret? Why can they achieve something that only ordinary people would dream?

While ‘we’ keep on sulking into sorrow and regretting about what should or shouldn’t, can or can’t; either being thinking of success or fail towards any effort, ‘they’ keep on going without turning back.

‘They’ said, “why should I worried on something that has not been decided yet?”

Why don’t we share as equal as ‘adrenaline drive’ that they have? What had we lack about that they don’t? Is it really what we lack or something what had been forgotten?

They might have body and mind disabilities, but not their soul which come deep from their inner pure heart to start with. Now, that what make us different!!

Straight from the start we have many uncommon criteria to compare. They do have difficulties which I rather said much more harder than us, normal person. Still, they keep on walking step by step, although it might seen as small step.

Well, at least they are getting closer to somewhere within gasp of their goal.

While waiting for the right time to make a move, we are wasting so many time and fortune right in front of our eye, but what the truth are something way different.

It not about the right time or not. its more about how to make sure are free from negative aura which haunt our mind and body. Release all your past into ocean of wisdom. Never regret and dare to go head to head with risk of failure.

People who achieve great unspoken things in life are those who can overcome their heart. If your goal is to strive for improvement toward life, please make sure you treat your soul illness within.

That is what make us different from them, Disabilities Within Our Human Heart.