Where to start?

What shall I wrote is not the main concern unless you understand – what to hold on to or not. Such different may vary in short time as things might spark as much as 20-fold, from couple billion to more than $50 billion. This is what we must take count deep in mind of an article on identity theft, worldwide.

Slightly said that things can be unfold unless deep research are made up to overcome identity theft. Many would badly affect from the irresponsible act – which definitely concern consumer’s and merchant’s. I don’t want to talk about what kind of act that ‘they’ do after stole up our identity.

Been paralyze up to one stage not knowing whose stealing our identity deep right under the sleeve. Others don’t event realize at least a note of notion that more than half of ID theft are from people that we do know. Sometimes it include a single situation where the victim has acknowledge of whom penetrated the fraud but can’t do anything…

Such round up can be seen below:

50% of ID theft victims don’t know who stole from them
25% know who stole from them, but have no relationship with the crook
25% know who stole from them, and the crook was family, friend or co-worker

I believe that it’s a bit of stretch to say that half of all identity theft is from related parties when it could be a little as 25% or as much as 75%.

Analysis show that most of the identity theft occur within our sleeve but still there is nothing we can do. Many laws have been made up just to protect both parties which can be made much more concern when it comes to financial base information type.

Many precautions actions have been taken with brute force in fight with the issue. This issue much more critical if they go into governmental kind of ID theft – many casualties will involve within the process of just recovering it. Such action and act of laws have been made and construct within reach of humanity within shield of protections.

What else can we do? Keep thing on our own judgement of make it loose for other to observe? What rather happen if thing get much more critical and fold up numerous time that is don’t just effects individuals, associations, parties, civilizations, countries or even the world abroad.

Things that I can only make sure to keep it up to our step to step precocious act to protect ourselves within grasp of safety. That all I can say cause the best protection is by being aside the secret deep within. What lied up front is just a single narrow line of self-protection when it comes to personal data.