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Have you ever ask what will happen in our life due to every choice we make? Does it concern you? I’ve been thinking a lots lately much more than I used too…

Art are something difficult to explains which its are, how about ‘option’ itself? Many would rather keep up mouth shut just to make sure people don’t realize things that never to mention around. Normally when it came from option lead to failure in the past.

Meaning are so much to choose when it stakes on art from it base foundation. Quite interesting word to choose for my post which tremendously suite with ‘options’ in living.

Every single options are crucial in life which can’t be taken so easily cause ‘future’ depend on it. This is where the art of choosing options must be learn essentially without regretting the outcome.


  • Know the source.
  • Collect information.
  • Make an analysis.
  • Do some case studies.
  • Continue with several hypothesis.
  • Conduct public respond (base on your problem).
  • Make your conclusion
  • Devote yourself into action
  • Accept the after effect which also known as result
  • never regret and what ever happen keep up with life to the fullest.

Note: Life is essentials with anonymous answer base on the ‘case’, keep tries until you solve it. Don’t aspect everything can be settle easily as simple as clapping hand. Never give up and you will see the art of choosing options deep within your hand.

Because the key point is to gain wisdom. Then, the art will flow deep within your heart and can be use any time you need it!! All the best in every choice of option you made.