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It been hard to loss weight now day. Such depressing feeling when you know that you can have or enjoy much more better life with ideal Body Mass Index. You can calculate your BMI (here) and know it yourselves.

The most important thing to know on how to loose weight in moderate time versus adequate loss. Sound hard and hassle to reach target don’t you think?

I have a friends whom work as Gym Instructor, told me that you can even reach your point instead of keep up with current food taking. At first, it was a shock fact and unbelievable to ‘digest’.

He gave me several tips that can make sure loosing some with little effort. I have tried and it does work. The prob here is that, how you can make it done? The main concept he told me that food have to be digest properly as fast as possible. That need one or two help from the body ‘owner’.

You can make it the hard or smart way.

Hard ways always need great effort of energy and time. You must exercise in term of getting sweat away while enjoying free time, If you have that ‘time’. Taking calculations of free time, injuries and casualties, not to mention money.

Why i said so. Normally, people planning on jogging on the go, playing around hours in gym’s, swimming and much more that need everything I have state above. Its hard for ‘some’ to done it cause there is three factors in calculations if you want to choose the hard way. This option are usually suitable for they who qualifies to 2/3 fact’s.

Smart sound easy but it also have great wall right ahead your very face cause its too easy until almost forgotten sometimes. I can achieve event up to 3 kg per month. (Note: This is also base on your body metabolism rate.) Which a great deal for person who have lack of time, no money to buy expensive equipment or be a gym member; and of cause no casualties. The tips given from my Gym friend below are quite interesting for you to try out.

3 Great Points On How To Lost Weight The Smart Way.

  • Make a little stretch up 5-10 minute after every meal which you can figure out yourselves, which focus out around stomach area that can make the food flows better.
  • Control your breathing timing with moderate technique. (Proper Breathing style at your ease).
  • Make sure you go to toilet in time doing your ‘business’. ( According him, we must recycle ‘it’ in much coordinate time table). Everything taken in must goes out, which is human reality ‘he’ said!!

Well it does seem weird but that is how I’ve done it. Nevertheless, I’ve been abandon it quite awhile now since Ramadan. Time to get kick start again. All the best to everyone whose try it. Hope that you get what ya’ really want – loosing some weight!!