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Want to make revenue from your site or blog? Sure does, don’t you? Many would rather tries hundred of thousand of ways just to make one fixed revenue from numerous online ads provider’s. When said about profit and revenue ‘one’ might thoughts of having targeted ads within an entry or page rather than having randomize advertisement rotation.

Many would says that gathering more than one ads provider’s link within your ‘page’ can increase Return Of Profit (ROP). Is it true? Some said yes other keep with no!!

Honestly said this entry is basically base on my own observations, so if you think that there are point of space to improve this entry please participate within comments section. Your participation might change me and others mind set. Well of cause things are much better revise when it come from many sources. Do share!!

It is obvious that more ads provider you have the bigger profit will awaits your pocket, but how can you make it through? Such conditions do exist but what kind of key that we need to open the door towards that achievement? Merge 2-3 ads providers within one page – with proper ‘plug and play’.

Before we start, you have to know what are our right as a blog or website owner. This section are more to rights about educations session’s. From my point of view, my site its should only serve ads provider services base on my need and intentions. Which from my point of view where if event Google are not suitable with my ads needs why should i put their ads within my page? Practically sound and clear don’t you think? Hope you know what I meant.

This is due to our main concepts of making profit within online ads serving kind of things. Main things will take count, which providers and ads target are differ base on our contents. Choose wisely cause every provider have their ‘plug and play’ mode as what i mention above. Some provider have state that they can accept our term of putting their ads with other providers as long the content are not explicit.

Many would rather not tolerating with sharing visitors ads intentions target, which it seem pathetic to me. It doesn’t count how many ads link they rotate within the circulation vary from different provider, visitors will only click to topic’s link which they think suits or attracts their attentions instead of their source.

Good combination are crucial to get what you really want in moderate ‘term’ of time. Strive versus result are worth it. As an example you can put Adbrite all the way together with Google’s Adsense and Chitika. Great positioning need to be done where several combination of ads image or words link should be optimize toward eye sight of visitor. You can find details on that while searching the ‘engine’.

Too much words are boring while a flush of imaging can be annoying due to slow page load and refresh. Who wants to wait for even 2 seconds while browsing the net? Does you? Make it good and neat within visitor reach are much more reliable than targeting such keywords, Where people don’t even bother to know. Keywords are only important when you use a search engine but not while reading some detail of info from superb or average articles.

After you made up your own methods of decorating the link presentations keep in mind to improve your master piece event other would not thought so. Anyway, who cares as long it reach your target visitors and audience. Put your keywords within topic and phrases while constructing your words and lines. Get a bit intellect by make some research before choosing any topic of entries, construct it with such info with outcome comment of your own thoughts. Well, that is how i do it. Make one for yourselves and master it until it become your trademark within online communities. This unseen method can highly affects your ads rotations base on unconditional keywords that you create from the trade mark.

Last but not lease, make that page full of energy and color suitable with your page concepts. Things should be count literately cause what will happen if you puts image or words link that made of bright color within dull as black, don’t that irritating? It sure does!! Choose your ads color wisely base on your theme or layout and optimize it with full respect that if you don’t like what you see, make sure other would never have a chance to take a look within that ‘beast’. Better color better profits, sound nice huh?

So far things that I’ve put above should be enough to get ‘your’ attentions. Please make a comment and share what you know so that we can step forward all together. That is from my for this entry, see you all within my next entry!! 🙂