Get caught up with jobless title is troublesome, worse condition can happen to a person. Rather than make loose, some just set idle waiting like forever to get their future job intact. Please don’t read this post if you a business type kind of person.

Many would said that having low certificate wont grant you great job’s tittle and fulfill your ambitions. Is it true?

There is great ideology about working dimension, which many will give the exact answer. I’ll give you 3 example as state below:

  1. We must work into field relating our studies in school.
  2. Low certificate holder are not qualifies to hold big shot tittle.
  3. Must be a all know how to get the jobs that you want.

It just irritating when a person thought that way. Thing are not meant to be that way cause even famous artist worldwide never start from art universities. Even some people whom is our boss today are someone who learn in middle school.

I even ask my clique with focus to they who hold high position in a companies and organizations, even they don’t know how to operate certain things but still get their ambition job. So, what really make them stand in the place they are now?

First thing come first. They told me that resume is the initial bust of all thing. If it describe you well, people who see it will surely take pause to look at your detail within the resume.

The key point is always about first impression, cause even the ‘viewer’ a bit choosy when it comes the that corner. A resume resemble ‘you’ indirect way to ‘them’ where every single particular takes in count; background, color, word arrangement and even fonts that being use.

After you have qualifies all the detail above, then your resume will be read along with full attentions.

Finally, your certificates written will make you one step toward the goal. What makes you the preferred candidate to proceed into next round – the interview, will be determine here:

  1. Be personal instead of send in your resume anonymously.
  2. Prescribe only the most important detail about your certificate which basically about your achievement in high school and University of cause.
  3. If you have been involve into club or association back then in school, describe about what kind of position or contribution you have made.
  4. Relate point (2) and (3) on how can you use it to help ‘the’ company toward achieving ‘their’ goal and target – (make sure you study the company first).
  5. Finally, it sure come to said it out loud about salary. Make it high with moderate of your ‘level’ to make sure when it move to interview stage, ‘they’ will sure hire you on the spot.

That all from me relating this resume post.