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Have you ever meet someone whom really talk big of themselves? I agree that many of us have meet someone with big mouth, but in my case they do talk big with additional package. LIES!!

Honestly said, sometimes I feel like kicking their ass to the ground so that they will stop all the shitty things, but is it necessary? How about if that person is someone superior that you? Do you still want to do it?

What will you do? Step away or advise them? If advise is your answer, what kind of approach will you take? Sometimes things are not as what we aspect to deal with. In my case this person are one of my private social acquaintance which I know few month back. A person whom a bit older than me with certain status.

I just wondering within psychology spectrum on what really make them be themselves? Is it because of their childhood, ways of mingling with other or just trying to get some bit of attentions? No matter the answers are, I just want to know!!

I heard that ‘stories’ spread among people that ‘they’ are suitable for their clique in similarity only. Do you agree?

Give your opinions cause I really need to have feed back.