Have you ever experience such problems?

What to choose or not? Every person whom link or involve with Adsense entrepreneurship will ask this question first!! What kind of niche/topic will brought up fast profits? I always ask myself at early stages of my involvement into Adsense. In addition Adsense entrepreneurship do need English website/blog, which is identified as main problems.

Before starting, let me collaborate two questions for you to answer about choosing your niche.

Does you want to be aggressive Adsense Publisher?


Does you want to be passive Adsense Publisher?

Neither one you choose will bring you profits for sure, but its must take count time as an equations. You might have brief idea on which one to choose, honestly. Let me take your to another level of achievement by make sure to choose better solution base on ‘our’ conditions. Mentally and financially!!

Senior’s = Aggressive

Many who’d follow this genre of approach can make massive profits if you have understanding capital to start with. Which cost you marketing and advertisement type of investment methods where money does the ‘talk’. This sure give superb return of investment (ROI) in term of Adsense profit, but its only happen when you know the proper marketing solutions.

Thing are more to 50/50 percentage either you loose or gain!! Once you start gaining it will go forever…

Junior’s = Passive

The second way are always about slow and steady but in the end you still gain something. In this case it might take years to get what you want. The ultimate slowness’s type of approach is by building up your empire slowly, bit by bit while hoping for that investment to gain profit in understandable time of years. Which i want to add, slow ways sometimes give you slow result!

Note: Expert always said that newbies should try both type of ways, but make sure to moderate it with ‘your’ capabilities!!