Hello everyone, I’m back with post for today. OK I’ll be talking about something that human do. But, is everything can be hold with my ‘topic’? I just want to know others’ opinions.

Some might said that bad deeds are allowable for a good reason!! Do you thing so?

So its seems that somewhere out there, someone are using this ideology for their own sake by manipulates ‘Good’ reasoning.

Honestly said deep from my heart, ‘Evil For Good’ are such nonsense thinking or act which human can do, really!! What I said is base on logic thinking which concerning killing a villain or bad guys. In this case I’m emphasize on the vice versa.

‘They’ even use or take advantage on their own siblings, which I read on new paper about an older sister whom use her sister identity just to brought houses and car for ‘her’ own sake. The truth only being reveal when bank contact ‘her’ sister mentioning about late or delay payment. What in the world happen to ‘them’?

I just can imagine to do such thing to other good people, how about when its come to siblings that connect with blood line?

My question here, would you hurt someone else only for your sake? Bad deed for your own good?