Its seem ages since I’ve update any post under this category. Well, today I’m going to talk about first impression, which many out there thought that ‘it’ the most crucial factor in life!! Is it so?

Many would say that people can know you you within 5 minutes of first impression, I’m sure lots of people out there do agree with ‘the’ quote.

The point is what are your personal ideology about this post of mine after reading it wisely, cause from there I will make an impression on who you are briefly.

Anyone dare to participate? Just reply through your comments.

There are things we can connect with this topic but I’m more concern on social relating agenda. Event when you see my blog, within just 5 minutes you might have got your own impression on ‘it’ – either bad or good. Isn’t it true?

I never belief in first impression cause sometimes what we just see are not the real thing behind the truth. People always make mistake when they rely on their first impression.

Don’t ever mistaken first instinct versus impression, cause sometimes bad things do happens by ‘it’. Like old word do tell,” DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER”.

Thing such as robbery and trickery case do occur only by using impression manipulation concept which being use by them with bad intentions. If only we can differentiate thing between true or false by learning how to fully utilize our ‘impression’ with great instinct!!

First impression can be manipulate in an interview’s but only if ‘you’ an expert in psychology or anything vice versa.

I’ve never believe in first impression cause sometimes reality are hard to believe, but why change it if you can be just yourself and people still like ‘it’. Which one does you prefer?