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Another entry before I went to bed. Well this will take me a little bit of time to finish. Hopes that all of you would like it.


I will collaborate an articles I just read over my email yesterday. Tittle as ‘the most under rated reasons that people fail at adwords’.

Even though many would said that adwords is a wasting money type of strategy to get traffics, but I’m sure that ‘it’ have good side which is better than free or paid traffic services provider out there.

Times and times people do make same mistake over and over again due to their lack of adwords knowledge. I don’t want you to do the same. Please don’t!!

From my personal view, you better use this method if you are ready to join into product selling or affiliating program via online. Why? It is because you are spending money to gain more money. Forget it if you only want to make people know about your blog or web page. Using Adwords are one of greatest way to promote your business best.

This is due to Google visible throughout the net community fast and efficient. Instead of this fact, many have fails cause they don’t know the proper ways. In fact, I would wager one of affiliate checks on the fact that ‘they’ are guilty for not knowing what kind of mistakes. Below are small list of my reading result:

1. SEO Optimization

The only reason that anything at all needs to be said about this here is because many who run Adwords campaigns do little to optimize their Web pages because they think it does not matter if you are using Adwords. It seems to me that anyone who thinks that is missing the point. Are you not using Adwords to make money? By using SEO techniques on your Web page, you can definitely get more traffic through other means, and, it seems to me that the real game is all about targeted traffic and how much you can get. Also, by using SEO methods on your Web pages, you also can get more traffic – for free.

Anyone using Adwords as a medium needs to invest a little time each day building their organic rankings at the same time. You will thank me down the line.

2. Selectively Limit Your Keywords

If you have been using Adwords for some time now, then you know that by using too broad of a search term money gets wasted real quick. These terms can and should be narrowed down to enable you to eliminate non-productive clicks that really will not produce sales. This can be done two ways:

– By using exact match search terms

Eliminating some of the broad search keywords allows you to get a higher ROI (Return Of Investment) and a more focused audience. By using more broad terms you are competing with those who can afford the millions for their advertising campaigns – and it will drain your bank account before you will ever drain theirs. Unless you have a very good reason to advertise on the broadest of keywords (and proof of conversions is the only one that springs to mind), don’t do it. Sure, it will reduce your traffic, but should also increase your click-throughs which means lower cost per click, and better return on investment.

– By using negative search terms

This is where you can eliminate those unwanted keyword searches that may overlap your own. For instance, if you sell desktop calculators, then you may want to eliminate searches looking for “calorie calculators,” “retirement calculators,” “currency calculators,” “mileage calculators,” etc. This would reduce a more general (and non-interested) traffic flow, but will definitely give you a more targeted traffic. A great way to find these negative keywords is to use Overture’s suggestion tool (the most obvious negative keyword is “free” – unless you have some reason, you don’t want people searching for freebies clicking on your ads and costing you money).

3. Fine Tune Your Ads And Web Pages

Many ads used on Adwords – to put it as plain as possible – do not make me want to see what they offer. Your ads need to grab the attention of those that read them. If it does not grab your attention – need any more be said? Then, when they get to your Web page, what will your potential customers see? Again, does it grab their attention? It should at least be pleasant to look at. Be willing to change your ad and try new wording. If one ad does not work after a day or two, change it by either modifying a word or two, displaying a different URL, capitalizing some words, etc. If you have trouble making good headlines on your own, there are free headline generators online. The two biggest hurdles with Adwords are

1) will they click on your ads
2) will they stay for more than a few seconds.

If they click and then leave, you in a far worse position than a webmaster who can keep the visitors, but cant get the clicks. Remember that those clicks are costing you, and if you aren’t seeing conversions look at the top of your web page, “above the fold”. Chances are, you aren’t keeping them there long enough: first culprit – your headline and lead paragraph.

4. Use Tracking Codes

When you begin to see profits from a Web page, it is then time to refine it so that even more customers buy. Google supplies an Adwords tracking code that will enable you to see all you need to know about the financial aspects of your campaign. With each change of your ad that you make, you can measure just how profitable it is, and can then improve it even more.

If you are an affiliate, ask your merchant to add your conversion code to your web page. And stay alert for any merchant who appears to fall down when it comes to these underrated basics of Adwords. Click through rates are important – but they are part of a bigger picture. Don’t forget that.


This is what i get on email from Adwords Miracle. Right now i just collaborate it through my personal opinions on Adwords. Things now are getting better and better on Adwords which sometimes we just need to do some reading. Read most about how to optimize it in the eye of your audience. It is a common sense, don’t you think :).

Money does matter if you said about Adwords campaign if you ask me, cause without it you can’t even manage for the first 1k clicks to survive even after you have done full optimization. Believe me cause i have read lots of info and feedback about it.

About SEO in person is far harder than what you really think… One way of another if you have better page rank, your SEO is somewhere up the ladder, believe me!!

That all from me today… see you then!! 🙂