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Most people will have bad chills deep within their head when this topic is spoken or being bring up forward. There’s lot of issue towards this concept and most of them are bad.

Numerous feedback have been given for what they call – ‘You will loose if you can’t catch up’!! Is it really? Sometimes things are meant to be, not made to be!!

If you see from one side, mortgaging seems evils and bad. On the other half side, its a great opportunities if you know how to tackle the concept and gain what you want in life.

Today I’m going to talk on about what will i do with mortgaging concepts, which basically on what i can get through the ‘it’. Mortgage is all about method of using property (real or personal) as security for the payment of a debt . Normally, people in my country called it refinancing, which sound much better :).

You can find more info about it there. [more]

I just want to share if i plans on taking a mortgage scheme, what kind of mortgaging and for what are most crucial then just taking any of ‘it’. I’ll tell everything about it below:

Residential mortgage:

Under this mortgaging concept, it is obvious that mortgaging something to buy my dream house as heaven on earth will be my first priority. Why should it be that way.

usually i will mortgage my house for another bigger house. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a small house right now, because with that house of your can be transform as a down payment after proceeding with a mortgaging scheme.

Just imagine if you want to brought a 200k worth of price semi-D house, where will you find 40k as a down payment if there is nothing in your bank account? This scheme should be a handy one, don’t you think so?

Commercial mortgage:

Hurm, let me brief all of you out there whom read this section. I’ll use this scheme not for buying any commercial property cause the previous one have the same agenda. A house for another or maybe some commercial building.

This section of sub topic, I’ll make it as mortgaging car for a starting capital within personal business which is classified as personal small business where it only need 10k – 20k!! In this term cars are more suitable if you ask me. It is just you don’t want to loose a home only because your business don’t go well. Believe me, you’ll be thanking me after you understand it!!

Real estate mortgage:

I’m planning on investing into plantation base real estate, fortunately cause there i have a number of land. I don’t want to mention “it’ own by whom but the fact is, i have a land.

Let get start with this sub section. I will mortgage that land and use the money which basically on mortgage loaning to start my on estate right on the land. Well the fishy way to make sure that you can use the land that have been mortgage is that, ‘READ THE AGREEMENT WISELY AND FIND SUITABLE CREDITOR WHO DOES AGREE WITH YOUR TERM’.

Never forget to get professional assistant. I’m not just said this simple minded cause here in my country there a lot of people out there, have lost ‘theirs’.

I just can’t wait to having my first house and cars cause from there, lots of thing can be don’t toward my wealthy dreams of it own class!! Until next time, see you all then!!