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Don’t be to harsh judging today’s topic 🙂

It marriage season in my country right now, where it took almost every village and residential area conducting this ceremony. Superb colorful tone use to decorate beyond human feeling and instinct of emotions.

I always wonder why some people said that marriage is like a never ending stories, which is vary from different custom and religious. I bets some of you out there have heard of it somewhere and somehow.

It kind of wonderful just to experience bond within love which smaller than marriage chemistry ‘its’ selves. Its hard to show or tell unless you feel it yourself and learn that marriage are meant for happiness.

From marriage, lots of new thing can evolve in ones life which they who don’t will never learn forever. Nevertheless, ‘its’ a great teacher for someone who try to find great never ending stories which full of happy moment.

From my religious point of view, a marriage is a great bond to unite two part of men and woman for ‘here’ and ‘after’ life. From the verse I can assure that they are telling us, a marriage can be taken as ” A NEVER ENDING STORIES”.

Is IT true if you ask me… My answers is definitely, yes!! Cause I believe in my religion.

That all for this post and may GOD bless you all!!