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Having problems believing in others? If this question are ask to anyone of you out there, what will the answers be? Is it ‘yes’ or ‘no’ ? Please be honest to yourself and do reply on the post…. Do help me with this okey.


If anyone ask me this questions, I might have a dead end way up the hill, really!!


Honestly I’m more to ‘no’ cause that is human nature instinct accept for siblings or parents. I just want to know others people opinions on this topic.


There are factors count in the answers within each person and that is what I’m trying to find out about. I have my own reason for ‘no’ cause even my ex-good friend have betray my trust back there in the past and it really suck. Hard to admit it but things really happen.


If we go through all the life experience that we have – as human its hard to believe other. Its been long awaiting answer to gain cause for me when it comes into believing other I always tend to say no – its not that hard to believe in others. Why I said so?


Its been my nature of making friends especially when being a blogger and spending most of my time luring within the net to finds other blogger which might share same interest. Or even they whom might not but still can be friends. Frankly said, its quite decent when we can easily be friends with other rather then being sarcastic and left alone without someone beside us. I rather be disappoint while opening my heart to other then feel the same without doing anything or holding back such deed.


Do participate with this post of mine. Please….. 🙁