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This topic might get me way to long enough that you will want to skip several small topic. So, I’ll make it easy for you to read what I really think of life insurance deep within this heart of mine. I always have an impression of a necessity to get life insurance at least one. I’m sure lots of people out there thinking the same as I am, definitely!!


Well, I don’t want to phrase any detail on what kind of or so forth about insurance cause you can read it elsewhere. [more]


This post is all about my scope within insurance surrounding which I will choose for my own benefits, maybe if you read and share, all of us will share something great. I rather said that, this post are all about insurance I’ll bought for personal and family convenience; vary on my financial, stage of life and adventure level.


Reliable Company

What I really need is a reliable company whom hold great policies packages at their disposal, a must for all consequences before start buying any policies of great insurance packages.


Its a crucial step before I can talk further about insurance. Basically, not every good company can serve you good packages accordingly, which base on your term and acceptance. Some might have good packages but their term are hard, such as on fund withdrawal, maintenance and so on, where everything might seem great on the outside and vice versa.


Packages Versus Term

Generally, every insurance packages are reliable base on their term, which can be determine under two; time and purpose. I will proceed with this two categories later on in next paragraph. You have to know what are your condition or situation before deciding to assign any. Let begin on what kind of insurance that I’ll take under this two term below:




  • I’ll take this packages until age 65 years
  • Well, i choose for that term cause human basic rate of living for men is on that average.
  • Normally this packages support hospitality coverage where, by that age I might don’t event afford to work anymore. Do you?



  • This one are obviously for my children cause when the time come, they are ready to start their high school or university at no hassle at all.
  • I’ve decide that every child of mine must have this package cause future are hard to imagine.
  • I aspect that education rate on their era will sky rock to a level where self financial education are no longer cheap. Be prepare before things come. Unless you a born with a gold spoon, do you?



  • Well this thing really rare cause not everyone know that you can insure your investment.
  • Why? No one told you so?
  • Well, I’ll take this package if i have an share investment within any exchange, where a bankruptcy could occur, even it only take minor percent.
  • Hoping this one still available to public.



  • I can only imagine it now to take any travel insurance cause right now, it is near yet to far.
  • Never expect everything always be in control when you have far far away vacation cause precocious are better than nothing.
  • I’ll take one if the time come. Ops… If you a hardcore traveler just forget it. Do you one of them?




  • This one is a must in my country. Well, I don’t about your’s.
  • The main factor why my ‘people’ take this insurance cause when accident occur we can afford to pay the damage. Urm, maybe not all but most of us are!!
  • Anyhow, I only have insurance for my motorcycle.. CAR? Not yet 😛



  • When i have my own house, taking this insurance are first priority from anything else.
  • Even though this package only cover some percent which differ vary to your house. Well, who want to have total lost than having back a bit amount of ‘it’ when anything happens.



  • Argh headache on the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Wohss, crucial….
  • Don’t want to think about it yet cause Bing Thing Invite Bing effort!!
  • Anyhow, if i have a business will take this insurance…


Note: If anyone out there have any additional advice for me, please do comments